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Evaluate your Agility for Free
Kia Ora, i'm mike from Surge.Coach we partner with leaders to maximize your organization's potential we hope you've had a cracking year or as best you can under the circumstances in this video we're going to give away a free lesson from our business agility foundations course we are going to focus o...
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Has your organisation become customer-centric, yet you haven’t met anyone who has bought the products or services? Lets go through the difference between a customer and an internal stakeholder.

Hi, Im Mike from Surge. We partner with leaders to maximise your organisations potential. 

Since the 19...

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n this video, we look at why we should do prep (pre) research and a simple 3 step approach to finding your hypothesis, engaging your 8 hours of research and then visualising the results on one page. This is a quick overview.

31.08.20 07:57 PM - Comment(s)
What is productivity and what is efficiency in a business agility world? Productivity was originally used for farming yields around it was used for each acre ensure that the right time and making sure the potatoes problems we have processed today is what if people don't want those potatoes mushrooms...
24.04.20 06:42 PM - Comment(s)
Agility matters (E1) - episode one Guests today: Michael, Agility Coach Inderdip, ScrumMaster Ammar, Enterprise Agile Coach David, Head of Value Management & Delivery Lean Coffee has an agenda with no pre topics, everyone commits to coming up with topics to discuss, promoting them and then havin...
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