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Why a sustainable framework is required for Business Agility | Erich R. Bühler


and i noticed you used the word sustainable framework and that really hit home for me so why is sustainability in your framework so important so basically the idea when we are talking about sustainability is try to understand how leadership works in a company so basically let's try to go to ...

12.07.21 08:51 AM - Comment(s)
Todays guest is author of the book | Enterprise Agility: Leading Exponential Change, He is an Enterprise Agile Consultant and Independent Consultant based in Hong Kong 
12.07.21 08:45 AM - Comment(s)
Todays guest works as an agent of change, promoting agility through education, coaching and modelling of new behaviours. Co-designing new ways and systems of work based on agile principles are Nialls usual deliverables. To achieve change outcomes Ihe draws upon his extensive practitioner network and...
05.12.20 11:49 PM - Comment(s)
Todays session is with four leaders across the global, looking for the delta between countries in their successful Agile Transformations.

Jason Cameron | Agile Transformation Coach & Mentor | Australia "I love agile, I mean I really love agile! It has provided me with so many fantastic oppor...

28.11.20 11:43 PM - Comment(s)

Lets talk scary agile transformations, frightening leadership practices and ghoulish board of director behaviors. In this live session we will talk the reality of agile and agility transformations, we have some special guests as well to talk through their experiences and we will be reviewing case st...

02.11.20 05:30 PM - Comment(s)